HAFFET x Haarlem Overdrijft

Haarlem Overdrijft - July 9 & 10

We are happy to announce that we will be exhibiting again at this years' Haarlem Overdrijft event. Haarlem Overdrijft is an event - which takes place on the 9th and 10th of July - were artists and brands get the opportunity to showcase their works. What makes this event stand out is that the creators won't be showcasing their stuff in a regelar spot, they will instead use the numerous bridges that colour the landscape of Haarlem's city centre. Every creator is free in the way they dress up their personal bridge and nothing is too crazy really. We have decided to use Haarlem's famous Kruisbridge, which connects the city's train station to the centre. 

The theme of this years event is: "I should be screaming, but I am not". In line with this theme we will create an exhibiting where we showcase the disastrous consequences of the fast fashion industry. The two days of the event, there will be activities all over town, for example a DJ on top of an old mill. After the two day event, there will be a week-long exhibit, where all creators will display there most memorable items. This will also be a chance for you to buy some HAFFET gear in a physical location. 

We are sure that this will be a very cool and memorable event with a ton of good vibes and wonderful people. If you're interested in taking a look at what we have created, be sure to come check out our bridge. You can take a stroll around town, enjoy the - hopefully - sunny weather and drink a beer and a chat at our bridge. We are looking forward to seeing you all there on the second weekend of July! 

Last Years Event

Last year we also participated at this event, exhibiting at the Houtbridge. Where last years' event was a pilot of some sorts, this years event will be bigger, better, faster, stronger, with a serious theme and much longer prep time. To get an idea of what to expect at the event, here are some of our favourite images of last years event. 

You can find more information about the event and atmosphere shots through the following links:




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