Jersey Collection Editorial

There was just one thing on our minds when we made this collection; How can we create garments with the perfect balance between comfort and style. It took us some time to figure that out, but we believe the end result offers a great showing, the HAFFET Jersey Collection. 

This collection will be suited for everybody, no matter your daily schedules or routines. Thats the main thing we wanted to accomplish with this collection. Creating comfort for you, regardless of your lifestyle. 

Some garments in this collection are very well suited to use during your sports activities, like the Jersey Track Suit or the Zip-Up Hoodie. These pieces have been grouped together under a new subpage; Sportswear. This way you can easily navigate towards them if you are interested in upgrading your sports wardrobe. We are very much into sports activities ourselves and therefore we though it was only suiting if we would share this passion with the world through our garments. The sportswear pieces in this collection will definitely not be the last ones you'll be seeing from us. 

Apart from the new sportswear line, the focus of this collection - as stated before - was on creating maximum comfort. The jersey fabric made from 100% bio cotton gave us the perfect opportunity to let our imagination run free. One of our favourite pieces is definitely the Signature Hoodie. This piece is perfectly suited for just about every situation, and the drawstrings on the top and side make the hoodie unique compared to other. The pockets of the hoodie are also different from other similar products, they do not feature a typical kangaroo pocket. Instead they have two large side pockets. This way your belongings will be much saver and you don't have to worry about things falling out of your pockets constantly. 

Lastly, there are two to three more formal pieces, the Jersey Cardigan and Spencer and the Straight Pants. These pieces can elevate any kind of fit you want to pull off and have the perfect balance between class and comfort. 

The collection as a whole features seven tops and three bottoms. There is a fine balance between long sleeve and short sleeve items as well as pants and shorts. 

We hope you enjoy this collection and as always; stay comfy.

Much love,


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