No Agenda Editorial

The first ever collection coming out of HAFFET, No Agenda represents a break from regular life. In everyday life, most things have been set in stone months before they actually happen. People make appointments and fill their agenda’s weeks in advance. HAFFET has taken a different approach for its first collection.

Due to a variety of reasons, our drop date has changed multiple times over the last few months. Instead of stressing over it, we decided to embrace this opportunity and take our time, as we can only drop for the first time once. 

With a global pandemic still effecting daily lives everywhere, HAFFET wants to encourage everyone to keep working - albeit at your own pace - for health and safety are forever the most important elements of life. It is okay to feel discouraged at times and to be in a bad space in your head every now and then. You will make it through, we believe in you and are here for you.

No Agenda Pt. 2

Our No Agenda drop is two sided. With this editorial we want to illuminate our key values as a brand. 

HAFFET supports and encourages everyone to secure their own freedom and take back the power. HAFFET will continue to speak out against malpractises and injustices worldwide, for we are one of you.  

HAFFET is the brand of the people. No mickey mouse business in our house. With our No Agenda editiorial we want to envision a world with no hidden agenda’s.


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