Way of Working

Sustainable where possible

The preservation of the environment is something that is highly valued at HAFFET. We therefore use organic or leftover fabrics whenever possible. We stay innovative in our ways of doing business to minimise our carbon footprint. We are aware of our responsibilities and act accordingly. Leading by example is our forte when it comes to these responsibilities.
As we expand our scope and continue to grow as a company our values will remain the same. Each piece of fabric is carefully selected from local Dutch marketplaces to ensure a high level of quality. We take great pride in our skill to be able to find matching fabrics for our campaign ideas. 

Made to order

As each item is carefully handcrafted at our workplace, please allow up to one to two weeks time to create every individual item. When placing your order, HAFFET starts assembling your garment(s) to the size(s) you have chosen. Using a made to order system, HAFFET helps the environment by not overproducing garments. Furthermore, we are able to stay in control of our own inventory. Whenever a certain roll of fabric is not completely used, we can use the same fabric for future campaigns and garments. Thanks to this our way of working remains as sustainable as possible.

Receiving your HAFFET garment

When receiving your HAFFET garment, it comes in a hand-crafted box made of recycled cardboard. The cardboard comes from Germany and is assembled by hand in The Netherlands by Brown Cartonnages. It is important to us that our partners also work in a sustainable way.

Repair service

Life can be full of surprises, so if in any way you damage your HAFFET garments, with our repair service, you can return your HAFFET garments and we will repair it for free. Just send the piece back to the address listed below (shipping costs are on you, sorry) and we will get to work to restore your piece in the greatest state it has ever been. 


Schipholweg 1
2034 LS Haarlem