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Balloon Pants Green

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The HAFFET Balloon Pants are upcycled from leftover fabrics dating back to 1986. The fabric has its origins in Germany and was originally used to provide workwear for Dutch and German soldiers.

The fabric used is green whipcord wool, a 100% wool material. Whipcord is a way of weaving in which the stitching is so close together that no water can pass through, making the garment completely water proof.

The pants feature a build-in nylon band around the waist, ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone. The pants have an improved finishing touch, with two metal rings on the front. The pants can be worn in different ways, thanks to the elastic cord that are equipped on the bottom of both legs.

Model is 181 cm / 5'11" and is wearing size L

Made to order

As each item is carefully handcrafted by HAFFET, please allow one to two weeks delivery time. When placing your order, HAFFET starts assembling your garment(s) to the size(s) you have chosen. Using a made to order system, HAFFET prevents unnecessary environmental damage by not overproducing garments.

Treat with care

  • Dry clean only
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Iron at low heat

Repair service

Life can be full of surprises, so if you damage your HAFFET garment in any way, you can return your HAFFET garment and we will repair it for free.