Humble Beginnings

Starting 2018, the HAFFET idea gained shape as a creative outlet for fashion, art and music. In 2020 HAFFET was founded. Independently ran by three creatives HAFFET sets out to create timeless designed pieces that are future-proof with sustainability and durability in mind.

HAFFET is a new wave that has been formed by a sequence of creative outputs. With a foundation that has been built on sustainability and durability we strive to achieve the highest quality in all our outings whilst keeping our social responsibilities in mind at all times.

Social Responsibility

HAFFET believes growth is only possible when it is beneficial to everyone included. Therefore HAFFET protects and respects the working environment of all people who are affiliated to the brand. We are aware of our social responsibilities and will do everything in our power to propagate our responsibilities to the world. These social responsibilities include, albeit not exclusively, the combatting of discrimination, abuse, intimidation, forced labour, child labour and harrasment in any form. 

The only way to improve the world we live in is by respecting cultural and social differences and by acting accordingly in any given situation. To enhance our proposition of being a socially responsible brand we only work with second-hand, upcycled and bio-grade fabrics to ensure no further harm is done with our products.


Furthermore we believe that creativity is often hampered by pigeonholing and stereotyping. We aim to create a community and environment where everyone can express themselves freely without any form of anxiety or fear. We make no concessions in this at HAFFET, we are an inclusive brand who supports everyone trying to be the best version of themselves without looking at skin colour, gender, sexual preference, religion or any other cultural or social aspects. HAFFET believes it can contribute to change in a world where opinions have already been formed. We strive to transform those opinions towards more open-minded, freethinking and free spirited ways of thinking and being.