We take great pride in our craftsmanship and expect you to make concious decisions when ordering your new fit. Therefore we understand that buying an item of an online webshop might not be the prefered method for you. You might want to feel the fabrics and try on the fit before you decide to spent your hard earned money. This is completely understandable and normal. 

Sizing might also cause some issues. You might not be sure which size you need or which size would fit best on you. Maybe it might even stop you from ordering altogether. It is also possible that your preferred size is not listed on the product page. 

That's why HAFFET introduces "Tailor-Made". Tailor-Made offers you the opportunity to take away all the doubts you might have when ordering your new garments. It allows you to feel the fabrics that are used to create your favorite garments in our atelier and to decide, together with us, what fabric and fit would suit you best.

How does it work?

Step 1: You send us a message on any of the channels listed below, stating that you would like to make use of our Tailor-Made option.

Mail: contact@haffet.world
Instagram: @haffet.atelier
Facebook: /haffet.world

Step 2: In agreement, we set a time and date for you to visit our atelier. We always make sure that the time works for you.

Step 3: You head over to our atelier on the address listed down below on the pre-arranged time. 

Step 4: We welcome you with open arms, offering you something to drink and show you around our working space.

Step 5: You get the chance to feel all the fabrics we have to offer and help you decide what fabric works best with the garment and fit you would like. Our designer will make sure that all your wishes will be fulfilled.

Step 6: We take your measures, ensuring that the fit that you have decided on will be perfectly tailored to your measurements.

Step 7: You decide whether you want us to send the garments to you when they are finished, or if you prefer to stop by once more to try them on at our atelier (the second option is our preferred option, because it allows you the opportunity to indicate if something it not exactly how you wanted it, so it can be fixed instantly).

Step 8: You have now got your own, personal, tailor-made, HAFFET garment. Congratulations!

HAFFET Atelier address: Schipholweg 1, 2034 LS, Haarlem, The Netherlands